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- The new Personal Computer System - LAUNCH 2018.
Introducing the RetroPC1010. A whole new computer for the Games Creator and the Creative.
Welcome computer users, computer programmers, game developers, artists, musicians and everybody.
The RetroPC1010 is in development. Computer game creators all over the world will LOVE this
machine, designed by Move Systems Australia.
We asked computer users, computer game designers, musicians and graphic artists what they wanted
in a personal computer. With their recommendations we're designing the RetroPC1010 Personal
Computer Gaming System
. Also we must point out that the RetroPC1010 is NOT a Microsoft
Windows or an Apple Mac clone. The RetroPC1010 incorporates its own hardware and operating
system libraries that have been written and designed by Move Systems Australia, and which
specifically drive the system's hardware coprocessors.
RetroPC1010 Prototype boot screen.
The RetroPC1010 software package contains free software programs for game and program development, so when you receive your
RetroPC1010, you just set it up, plug it in, power it up and away you go! Just
one click on MoveOS2.1 BASIC to start programming, and
then compile the code for super fast games and programs.
One click on SUPER PAINT to start digital graphics designing, drawing and
One click on MIDI MUSIC COMPOSER to start writing your own music. You can then incorporate your graphics and music into
your own games and programs with ease. Whatever you're into, the RetroPC1010 is ready for you to start designing your own games,
music, graphics and programs - it's that easy! Do something creative like a graphics and music demo and show your friends, parents, and
everybody how clever and creative you are.

There are lots of example programs to type in, so you can learn all the super fun stuff like how to use the powerful sound and graphic
commands, input & output using the keyboard, mouse and joypads, graphics objects (sprite) animation, powerful screen scrolling and page
flipping (full screen animation) commands, powerful MIDI Music & Digital 16bit stereo sound FX, all at your fingertips.

SUPER PAINT is for the digital artist; MIDI MUSIC COMPOSER is for the Musician. Use the built-in Midi instruments or just create your own Midi library of sounds. There?s also a word processor and lots, lots more. They're all part of the RetroPC1010's free software package.

I remember writing a game on the 8-bit Commodore 64 and Atari 800XL 20 years ago and because of the lack of processing power which
was only 1.79Mhz and just 64K of memory, I could only write a stripped down version of my game, but now with the new RetroPC1010
and its super-fast graphics, animation, music and sound capabilities, I now have the power to bring my game to life.
Actually, I can't wait to start :)
RetroPC1010 User Magazine:
That's right! There will also be a user group and a RetroPC1010 online magazine, just like the good ol' days of the Commodore and Atari
computers, so if you feel like writing an article, or just need support or tips on programming, then just email us your submission or question.

You can even use the word processing package that comes with your RetroPC1010 to write an article!
100% Royalty FREE Games and Programs:
Write your own games and sell them for what ever price you want.
Write a DEMO of your game or program and upload it to our RetroPC1010 user library for other RetroPC1010 users to see.
100% royalty free games and programs means NO commissions to be paid to Move Systems Australia.
What we want to see is how creative you can be with your new RetroPC1010 computer system. We would also be proud to see commercial games and programs written and created on the RetroPC1010.
MoveOS2.1 Operating System:
The RetroPC1010 uses the new MoveOS2.1 written by Move Systems Australia.
A graphical user interface with point and click icons. Because many operating systems today use this form of communication with computer
hardware, we decided to write a graphical user interface for the RetroPC1010. All coprocessors, sprites, sound, VDU Screen & Colour, and
I/O hardware ICs are handled directly by MoveOS2.1. MoveOS2.1 has been specifically written to drive the RetroPC1010's system hardware
coprocessors, so there will be no incompatibility issues.
RetroPC1010 Specifications:
Here is a brief list of the RetroPC1010 Systems - (Hardware is subject to change without notice)
CPU: TBA - We've got something up our sleeve!
Sprites: TBA - Graphics coprocessor.
Resolution: VGA Resolution - TBA.
Colour: TBA .
RetroPC1010 Junior mode:  TBA.
Horizontal & Vertical Hardware Scrolling: Assigned to the graphics coprocessor. e.g. SCROLL SCREEN 1, X, Y.
Audio Coprocessor: TBA.
Musical Instrument Library: Built in musical instrument library. Standard MIDI Instruments + create your own soundfont libraries.
I/O: - USB and SD Flash cards (no more floppy disks... remember the 800k & 1.44MB floppies)
System Ram: Dedicated system memory to all coprocessors.
Mouse: Standard 9 pin Serial mouse.
Joypad Ports: 2x Standard 9 Pin Analogue ports. 3.3v output pin for hardware developers.
2x Joypads: 8 Way Direction + 4 Buttons (A, B, C & D). Button A compatible with retro Atari & Commodore joysticks.
Launch Date:
TBA: 2018.
More Information:
We already have people in Australia, Tasmania, USA and Germany wanting to write games and programs for the RetroPC1010.
RPC-GAMES! Australia https://www.facebook.com/pages/RPC-Games/1568563466705750
We will be rewriting some of the old, classic games for the RetroPC1010.

If you would like more info on the RetroPC1010 please email us. We normally reply within 24 hours.
To email us just click on the letter icon at the top of this page or on the email address below.

And to everone else who is already waitng for their RetroPC1010 System, please be patient - we're working on it.

The new RetroPC1010 Personal Computer Gaming System - BE PART OF IT AND LET'S ALL BE CREATIVE!
(An all new Australian product in production.)

Peter Adamcik, CEO, Move Systems Australia.

Graphics test on the RetroPC1010 V1.0 prototype. Screen Shot: Centron3D in developement by RPC-Games!
View the Commodore Amiga version by RPC-Games!
here: Centron3D on YouTube.
View other NEW software titles being developed by
RPC-Games! here: Software Houses - R.
Sprite hardware Demo on the RetroPC1010 Junior.
- Nice ! - :)
Demo of MoveOS2.1 BASIC V1.0 Gaming programming language. (Prototype version).
End of line.
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